Creating the best Contemporary Music for Singers.

Contemporary Music

Contemporary Music

The songs presented are recorded demos of my compositions, sung both by me as well as by other artists . The genres are diverse and include R&B, Americana, Ballads, Country, Country Rock, Classic Rock, and Contemporary Pop. 

All songs and videos can be listened to and viewed for free from this site via BandCamp and/or You Tube .

The songs can also be downloaded from the available BandCamp “buy” link provided. 

Songs and Videos

Dance with You – ft David Ricky

The promise of a dance  that would last a lifetime .

You Are Beautiful – ft. Andre Pienaar


A love that leads to a lifelong commitment is a beautiful thing.

Music co-written with Willie Burger

You Are Beautiful – ft. David Ricky


A song about a love and a life that begins with  “I say I do”.

Music co-written with Willie Burger

You Are Beautiful – ft. Glenn Robertson

With the one that you love, laughter will forever warm your heart.

Music co-written with Willie Burger

Room to Breathe – ft. Andre Pienaar

The true life story of one young man who donated his lungs to save the life of a another young man with Cystic Fibrosis

You are Everything – ft. Andre Pienaar

When you are beside the one you love your soul takes flight.

Backing music adapted from “Get it Done by Friday” , a  jazz instrumental by Tony Drake.

Dancing into the Storm – ft. Andre Pienaar

Sometimes lovers need to escape the crowded rooms and hallways &  just get away

Backing music adapted from “Dance into the Storm”, a  jazz instrumental by Tony Drake.

Well Remembered- Andre Pienaar

Tells the story of the human desire to leave behind a positive legacy.

Music Video

Every Tramp- Andre Pienaar

When you see a beggar, or poor street person, remember that he/she was once just like you and was once embraced and loved by his mother.

Music Video

Love Me Now- Andre Pienaar

Life is ephemeral. If you love someone, let them know while you still have the opportunity.

Music Video