Creating memorable albums for Musicals.



The concept album for the musical was recorded in Cape Town, South Africa with a studio cast of over 30 local artists.  The rock opera is a sequel to Jesus Christ Superstar, in that it picks up exactly where Superstar left off; on the cross. The musical then covers the events that transpired in and around Jerusalem over the next 40 days, as recorded in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It therefore ends with the multitudes watching Jesus Christ ascend from Galilee.

A stage script is available to churches and producers. 

The link below will take you to the  ASCENSION THE MUSICAL website.

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All 28 songs are can be viewed, and are available for download from the Ascension the Musical website (see link below). They are also posted on most streaming services.


CRY BELOVED COUNTRY is currently in concept draft, and tells the story of the struggles of young black and white children growing up in the apartheid era in South Africa. It highlights their struggles, and the very different impacts the era had on the children all across the spectrum. It also presents a view of the continuing trauma being suffered by the country as a whole, brought about by the radical change and corruption that has blossomed since the transfer of political power, following the demise of the apartheid ideology.

Collaborators for this project would be welcome.

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