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Corporate & Commercials

Corporate & Commercials

Corporate songs are always designed to deliver significant “messages”. They are usually driven by a brief developed by a project sponsor.


I Can See A Vision

I penned this vision of Deloitte and Touche (where I built my career) in 1995. It was performed live at partner conferences across Canada. The vision described holds true to this day.

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Delta Flies

This song was written for the launch event of a multi million dollar systems project of a giant corporation in Canada.

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Back to the Future

The song is actually a love song and should end with the words “… and me”. However it was used as an introductory theme for an annual Corporate Conference.

The Winning Way

The song name was taken from the slogan supporting the merger of two companies. The song captures the desire of the two corporations to build a new life as a single entity.


Following a merger of two of the largest accounting and finance firms in South Africa I penned this song to capture the excitement (and benefits) of the consolidation.