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Andre's Story

Perhaps I should have focussed solely on music (my passion) from the start. I did after all take classical piano lessions from age 5 until I fell off a bicycle and broke my elbow when I was 13 years old. However, I ended up building a successful career in Accounting and Finance over 30 years with Deloitte and Touche while managing to keeping one foot in the musical arena. Over the years, in my spare time, I managed to grab a few opportunities to write and produce music for companies that I worked for (never got paid for it though – my bad!) I also composed some songs for myself and others, some of which I had arranged and recorded in studios, but it was a hobby, and so I never actually attemped to have them published. (Also this was pre-internet and so easy self-publishing was not an option).

Having retired from my “day job” I now have the capacity to focus on my inherent passion for music.

The few songs I recorded and sung myself over the years are included on this website, but please be aware that I am not presenting these to promote myself as a singer or performer. 

I have now embraced the fact that that at the core, I have always desired to be a composer, lyricist and playwright.

My first major project was the completion of a musical which I fully scripted 20 years ago.  “Ascension the Musical: The Final 40 Days” is a sequel to Jesus Christ Superstar .The concept album has been released on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and other streaming networks.

Now I am focused on writing contemporary commercial music for others.

To reiterate:  I would love to write music for you.

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