Andre Pienaar Music


I write songs....

So, ….. I am always looking for artists to cover my songs, and/or collaborate to improve them.

All my songs have recorded demos, as well as full backing tracks to support you, should you wish to sing them at an open mic night, or any other performance event.

Simply contact me  if you wish to use a song and I will send you the full recorded demo, plus a backing track and a lyric sheet.

There are no fees involved.

If you need a comprehensive, scripted musical score, I can arrange to have one prepared at nominal production cost

My Song Catalogue

On this site you can listen (for free) to all the songs I have written.  They are also available for download via the BandCamp link which I have made available for each song.

In addition, all the songs can be accessed on most streaming networks including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Google and many others.

The music videos posted on this site can also be viewed on You Tube (where you will be able to  subscribe.)

For convenience the songs and videos are categorized into 4 groups.




Corporate Events


Contemporary Music

The genres are varied and span a few decades in terms of musical styles !

Christian Music

These days, contemporary Christian Music encompasses various genres, driven primarily by the style of worship of the target audience and the preferences of the singer.

Corporate Events

Corporate songs are usually developed to deliver “messages” relevant to the sponsoring organization. In some cases they can be adapted and repurposed as mainstream contemporary music.


Musicals are longer term projects. “Ascension the Musical” (in effect a Jesus Christ Superstar sequel) was written and produced over a 25 year period from conception to completion in 2020. 

“Cry Beloved Country” a story of the South African experience is now under consideration